Hyperrealist Landscape Photography by Michael Tobis

Friday, June 4, 2010

Breakfast at Fran's, Austin TX


  1. Did you really get signed releases from all of these guys, to publish their images?

  2. Hell no. I thought they were gonna shoot me when I took their pitcher.

    This gang is often at Fran's on weekday mornings, though that was the first time I saw a kid there. I think they are wrapping up a night shift doing something or other. Usually all three major ethnicities are represented. I love how the kid fits right in.


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I take landscape photos that seem to me revealing of something or other.
Often I try to make them look sort of like oil paintings or watercolors.
So far the only tool I have used besides a camera is iPhoto.
So far I have avoided any retouching or other spot effects.
I often turn "noise reduction" way up to deliberately remove small details.
So far they are all taken in North America.
They usually come out sort of hyperrealistic, but sometimes impressionistic.
Sometimes they come out lousy, but I won't post those.

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